Breast Pumps

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Looking for breastfeeding pumps? We have sorted out the different types for you. So whatever your needs are we have you covered.

Breastfeeding Pumps

All breastfeeding pumps are not created equal.  There are so many options out there.  And, the various selections and choices can be mind-blowing at best.  But, have no worries, these general ideas of what to look for in choosing a breast pump should help you. 

Amount of Use

The amount you will use your breast pump will help determine how robust of a breast pump you will need.  If you don't plan on pumping daily or more than 2-3 times daily than you probably don't need to look at the more pricey models and can stick with something a little simpler.  However, the larger pumps are often easier to use. 

Are you going to need your pump for an occasional night out or for pumping enough to keep stock for daycare?  These are important things to think about.  All women are different.  Some stay at home with the babies and others have active careers and will return to them.  And, there isn't a one size fits all breast pumps.   Things like your lifestyle will help determine what would work best for you. 

Speed and Suction Controls

If you are a first timer at breast feeding you probably are a little uneasy about the entire process.  The adjustable speed and suction controls really do make a big difference.  Helping your body to let down at the appropriate time is key to having a breast pump work.  Sometimes, this simply cannot be done with a manual pump or some of the electrical pumps due to the person.  This is something that you simply need to work on for yourself.  And, often the hospital will have a location specialist that help with this as well.  However, to be able to control the speed and suction will make the experience more like breastfeeding the baby which allows your body to relax more easily.  This allows the pump to do its job easier. 

Portability of the Breast Pump

We have come a long way in Breast pump technology so most are portable today.  However, this was a serious issue back in the day.  You just want to be sure you are comfortable carrying your pump as well.  Some come in cute little packages that look like a purse and can be carried everyone without anyone knowing.  If you are planning to return to office life, this style of pump might be best for you.  Having to carry it back and forth to the office isn't as inconvenient as one would think.  Just plan ahead when looking at purchasing a breast pump to ensure that you have the portability that you need.  

Double Pumping

Most premium pumps this day and age offer the double pumping as an option.  But, this is certainly something that should be mentioned.  If you are planning on returning to work and pumping you probably need to do this efficiently as possible.  Having both breasts pumped at one time can save a lot of time.  And, if you plan on pumping for daycare or stocking up, then double pumping is the way to go.  Double breast pumps help you get the most out of your day and pumping time.